Thursday, 29 May 2014

While in Haridwar Stay in a Ganga Facing Hotel

Haridwar is one of the most important among religious towns. This is not only because it straddles the route to the most important among the places of pilgrimage such as Kedarnath and Badrinath but also on its own strength. The Maha Kumbh Mela takes place in Haridwar once every twelve years while the daily Aarti ritual and the floating of earthen lamps every evening down the Ganges are experiences that are very uplifting and memorable. When you visit Haridwar therefore you will enjoy your visit that much more if you were to stay in the right kind of hotel in Haridwar, the Haveli Hari Ganga.

Haveli Hari Ganga
There are several reasons why the Haveli Hari Ganga is a special kind of hotel in Haridwar. Firstly, this is a heritage hotel having been built by the Maharaja of Pilibhit almost 100 years ago. Today, what attracts guests repeatedly to this fine hotel are firstly its graceful façade and secondly its high standards of modern day hospitality. Although this fine hotel has only 20 luxurious rooms, each one represents the finest living comforts associated with the decades old Prasad Group.

The Haveli Hari Ganga offers some of the most attractive amenities. It boasts of one of the finest multi-cuisine restaurants in town besides a coffee shop and massage and steam rooms. Every day you can avail of the services of an astrologer for consultation while for those that are spiritually inclined there are facilities for both yoga and meditation. Other facilities/amenities available in this well- known hotel in Haridwar include a private bathing ghat on the Ganges, secure car parking and evening aartis for those who are so inclined.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Stay at Heritage Hotel in Haridwar Next to the Ganges

There are several reasons for people to head for Haridwar. For Hindus, Haridwar has a very strong attraction as it is right at the gate of the various centers of pilgrimage such as Badrinath and Kedarnath as well as Gangotri and Yamunotri. On its own also Haridwar has significance because of the Maha Kumbh Mela that takes place once every 12 years. Besides all this there is the beauty of Haridwar at its ghats each evening that can be appreciated only by someone who has been there. In order to enjoy the pleasures on offer at Haridwar one must find a weekend in Haridwar and stay at the beautiful Haveli Hari Ganga.

Haveli Hari Ganga
Haveli Hari Ganga has many features that make this the finest resort to stay in while in Haridwar. First of all, this resort is almost 100 years old having been built by the Maharaja of Pilibhit. The heritage building is actually an architectural marvel. When you step inside, the sheer beauty of the resort will take your breath away. To add to the elegance of this fine resort the management has made available every conceivable modern amenity so that the guest enjoys a memorable break away from the stresses of modern living.

The Haveli is an impressive hotel in Haridwar near Ganga. There are 20 luxurious rooms in the hotel and each of these rooms is not only air-conditioned but also has stunning views of either the garden or open out towards the Ganga. The amenities/services on offer at this fine hotel in Haridwar near Ganga include an excellent multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant, a coffee shop and a Spa boasting of traditional Ayurvedic massages, European massages, aromatic massages and body treatments and scrubs among many others.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Visit Char Dham in Comfort By Making Advance Booking at the Best Char Dham Hotel

India is an ancient civilization where Hindu devotees have been going on arduous pilgrimages since time immemorial. These pilgrimages include those to the Char Dhams or four places of pilgrimage. These places refer to Gangotri, the origin of the River Ganges, Yamunotri, the place of origin of the River Yamuna, Kedarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva and Badrinath, the abode of the Lord Vishnu.

chardham yatra tours
The Char Dham hotels have been set up in the form of camps at Joshimath for Badrinath, Guptkashi for Kedarnath, Barkot for Yamunotri and Harsil for Gangotri. So, irrespective of whether the pilgrim wishes to make the Badrinath tour, the Kedarnath tour or the tour of Yamunotri or Gangotri, these Char Dham hotels will provide a modern concept of comfort & luxury in an environment that is amazingly beautiful. Every aspect about these Chardham hotels is unique. The accommodation is in the form of spacious, all-weather luxury thatched roof cottage camps. Attached baths & toilets with running hot and cold water are also provided.

For dining, one can enjoy sumptuous vegetarian food that is at once wholesome and temptingly different since the cuisines represent South India, Gujarat and Rajasthan. At sundown, guests will be provided hot water bottles to keep them warm during the night. Umbrellas are provided during the trek to Kedarnath while full assistance is available for shrine visits and arrangement of pony or the palanquin or palki. The Chardham camps offer not just the perfect accommodation to enjoy a comfortable stay but also an overall delighting ambiance.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Enjoy a Fabulous Holiday in Nainital While Staying at a Comfy Hotel

This is the best time of the year to enjoy a fabulous holiday in one of the finest hotels in Nainital. Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the north of India. Because of its beautiful environment and its numerous lakes, it has been addressed as the Lake District as well.

When you check in to what is a rare hotel in Nainital, The Naini Retreat, your experience will be a breathtaking one since the hotel is one of the most prestigious of the heritage hotels in Nainital. Referred to the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit, this fine hotel shows off a palatial building that exudes old world charm while boasting of all the modern amenities one can think of.

hotel in nainital
The Naini Retreat is one of those aristocratic hotels in Nainital, well known for its tastefully furnished bedrooms. These newly appointed spacious rooms and designer suites invite you to indulge in an experience that promises to be one of the most memorable ones in your lifetime. All the guest rooms have picturesque views that overlook either the garden or the beautiful Nainital valley.

The Naini Retreat is the kind of hotel in Nainital where the amenities are in superlatives. The guest rooms are centrally heated with wooden flooring and fitted with LCD satellite TV. The lake facing rooms have an incredibly beautiful view to the Naini Lake. The food is fit for the gourmet. As a guest, you are privileged to be able to play golf in the hundred years old Raj Bhavan golf course, enjoy a scintillating performance by traditional Kumaoni artists or take a yacht ride at what is touted to be the highest sailing club in the world.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Stay in a Comfortable Hotel During Your Char Dham Tour

Hindus have been going on pilgrimages ever since the dawn of history. However, in the earlier time, there was no concept of proper accommodation while the roads were non-existent as well. This was true for the Char Dham or the four important places of pilgrimage. These places include Gangotri, the origin of the Ganges; Yamunotri, the origin of the river Yamuna; Kedarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva; and Badrinath, the abode of Lord Vishnu.

With passage of time, things have changed a lot. The Leisure Hotels group has created Char Dham hotels for those who wish to go on one of these tours. The basic reason behind creating these hotels is to provide wholesome food and comfortable accommodation to people coming on these tours. The Chardham Camps have been created in 2003 close to the four pilgrimage centers. Therefore, for Badrinath the camp is at Joshimath, at Guptkashi for Kedarnath, at Harsil for Gangotri and at Barkot for Yamunotri.

char dham hotels
The accommodation at the Chardham hotels is perfect in every aspect. It meets the environmental regulations while totally satisfying the pilgrims’ requirement in terms of comforts. It is also true that the facilities one enjoys at these camps are far better compared to what one can get in any other hotel in this area.

In the hotels, you will find attached toilets and bath with running hot & cold water. Pilgrims will receive all necessary help in visiting the shrines and arrangements for the pony and palanquin. During the Chardham Yatra tours, one will be served piping hot vegetarian food that is multi-cuisine in nature.

Monday, 12 May 2014

This Vacation, Stay at a Heritage Hotel in Nainital

There is no better reason, of course, to visit Nainital other than the fact that the place has an excellent climate. Therefore, get away from the heat and grime of the plains and head for Nainital. If you are looking for a perfect vacation, one of the finest options is to visit Uttarakhand and stay in a heritage hotel in India at Nainital, the Naini Retreat.

hotel in nainital
Nainital is a picturesque place located high up in the mountains in the northern parts of India. The Nainital hotel is a fine place to stay. It used to be the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit more than 90 years ago. This is one hotel where you will have to admire the excellent manner in which modern hospitality has combined with old world charms to produce an amazing place to live in.

This exceptionally graceful heritage hotel in India in Nainital offers luxuriously appointed bedrooms, fabulous landscapes and sumptuous meals. While being at the hotel, you will even have the choice of playing golf at The Governor’s Golf Course, yachting in the highest sailing club in the world and being rejuvenated at the hotel’s superb Spa & Wellness Center.

All guests to the hotel are treated with the highest levels of service due to the remarkable nature & support of the hotel staff. While being at this marvelous hotel, you will have a great feeling of calmness and thoughtfulness as you enjoy the luxurious facilities available here. All you need to do is to make a booking in advance.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Enjoy Rafting in Rishikesh to Ensure a Grand Vacation

Besides being the ideal place for pilgrimage, Rishikesh has several centers for delving deeper into yoga and meditation. One can also go on trekking expeditions or excursions to the majestic Himalayan peaks. The drive for white water rafting in Rishikesh is also gaining momentum. You can enjoy several adventure sports or activities while being in Rishikesh. You can find rafting camps in Rishikesh besides facilities for rock climbing & rappelling, abseiling and kayaking.

rafting camps in rishikesh

There is a great amount of adrenal rush and thrill when you go for white water rafting in Rishikesh. When you choose to go for the rafting camps under the Leisure Hotels group, then you are actually in safe hands. Its due to the reason that these rafting camps in Rishikesh are very well organized not only with respect to the actual sport of water rafting but also in terms of your accommodation and meals. There are six grades of rapids and the organizers have all necessary equipment as well as professionals who will help you enjoy the rafting activity safely.

When you go white water rafting in Rishikesh, your accommodation will be at The Camp Five Elements where eco-living is the buzz word. You will enjoy the thrill of living in deluxe tents with attached bath that has running hot & cold water. There are separate toilets with clean dry sanitation arrangement necessary as per the forest camping regulations. The food provided will suit the fancy of the most avid gourmet and you will enjoy cuisines such as Indian, Mughlai, Chinese as well as Continental.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Stay at The Finest Hotels in Haridwar at Special Rates

Haridwar has attractions for all kinds of people. The devout Hindu will no doubt visit Haridwar on account of the place being on the route to the various pilgrimage centres in the north such as Gangotri and Yamunotri besides Kedarnath and Badrinath. The Kumbh Mela is also celebrated in Haridwar once every 12 years. But, Haridwar with its Ganges and Har Ki Pauri, has charms of its own. It therefore attracts people who are happy to watch the Aarti take place on its ghats every evening and admire the floating earthen lamps. For all visitors to Haridwar there are two fine hotels where they can stay in luxury at very reasonable rates. The first of these excellent hotels is Haveli Hari Ganga which has its own private ghat while the second hotel is the Ganga Lahari located in the heart of the town very close to Har Ki Pauri.

Ganga Lahari
The Haveli Hari Ganga is one of the most admired hotels in Haridwar for several reasons. Firstly, this is one of the rare heritage hotels in Haridwar, having been built by the Maharaja of Pilibhit more than 90 years ago. Secondly, its old world charms are combined with highest standards of modern hospitality thereby making it an irresistible choice. The other attractions include the hotel’s excellent rooms, each having either a view of the Ganges or that of the garden. Both the Haveli and Ganga Lahari share the resource of the fine Spa & Wellness Center that is located at the former hotel. Both the hotels serve delicious vegetarian meals and have amenities that include astrologer for consultation and rooms for yoga and meditation. A stay at either hotel will therefore be an unforgettable experience.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Enjoy a Fine Vacation in Haridwar at Special Rates

Haridwar being one of the holiest places according to devout Hindus, one is easily attracted by the charms of the place. When visiting Haridwar it is always a good idea to stay in one of the Haridwar hotels that has ready access to the Ganges. There are two excellent hotels in Haridwar that one can select from. The first such hotel in Haridwar one can stay in is The Haveli Hari Ganga that is a heritage hotel built more than 90 years ago by the Maharaja of Pilibhit. This hotel presents an amazing façade of architectural marvel.

The visitor is always in awe with the sheer beauty of the building and its environs. What is striking is the manner in which the hotel has combined the old world charm with the high standards of hospitality and modern amenities.

Haveli Hari Ganga
The second fine hotel in Haridwar is The Ganga Lahari that is located very close to the epicenter of Haridwar, Har Ki Pauri. Both the Haridwar hotels have some common features. Firstly both the hotels offer facilities such as excellent air-conditioned rooms that are exquisitely furnished. Secondly both hotels share the common facility of the Spa & Wellness Center that is located at the Haveli Hari Ganga. Further, both hotels serve sumptuous vegetarian meals.

They also have the facility of an astrologer for consultation and rooms for yoga and meditation. While the Ganga Lahari has its rooms facing the Ganges, the Haveli has some rooms that face the beautiful garden. However, the Haveli has a private ghat on the Ganges for its guests.