Thursday, 30 July 2015

Visiting Corbett in Monsoon is the Amazing Experience to touch with the Natural Beauty of The Park

Jim Corbett national park India is definitely a great holiday destination of India. The place is good for family vacation as well as  spend some good times with your friends. There is also a splendid resort for staying purpose like, The River View Retreat.

Point of interest of visiting Corbett amid the Monsoon

One awesome advantage of visiting the Corbett amid the monsoon is that you don't need to confront the rush which is regularly seen during the peak seasons. As such you are ensured of an undisturbed visit among the serene forests of the Corbett and its wildlife. With diminishing travelers comes another advantage, that of tour organiser offering one alluring package also.

safari visits which are in extraordinary interest among the tourists; you can appreciate this exciting activity in the Jhirna zone and the buffer regions where access is allowed. Even in the season of Monsoon you can enjoy jeep and elephant safaris. While you are enjoying safari, it is required that you are with your tour guide, as he aware the park inside out, he seldom puts a foot wrong and you generally end up being at the correct spot at the ideal time; essentially you get the opportunity to see the variety of creatures ranging from the rarest to the commonest.

The monsoon gives the beautiful look of the park

As the Monsoon continues, the trees of the park start to take a new look, shedding their worn out ones, while the undergrowth turns lavish green and there is a wealth of sustenance for the herbivores of the park. Jim Corbett park during monsoon season has another impact, that on the ponds and lakes of the park, which now are full to the overflow. Creatures no more thirsty and they are at their energetic best, swimming and showing their acrobatic aptitudes in the water.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Find One of the Best Nainital Resorts at Affordable Rates

Nainital is one of the most preferred holiday destinations of India, attracting thousands of Indians as well as foreign travelers every year. The name of this holiday destination is derives from the Naini lake. It is located in the Kumaon region and called the lake district of India.

It is a glittering jewel in the lap of Himalayan mountains and surrounded with nature's bounty and lakes. Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Ramnagar, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, and Naukuchiatal are the major places in the district of Nainital. 

The Best Place for accommodation - Naini Retreat

There is a numerous place for accommodation in Nainital. The Naini Retreat Resorts in Nainital is one of the prime choice of every traveler. The luxurious building of this resort is not only a symbol of old world charm, but also partake every possible mark of ultramodern amenities. Each guest rooms are with an attached bath and toilet with a running supply of both hot and cold water, as well as shower. There is also installed LCD satellite television, intercom facilities and coffee maker.

The staying at the Naini Retreat, one can get breathtaking experience overlooking either the closer look of the Naini lake or Nainital valley. Here you can see the changing face of Nainital from sunrise to sunset. Gleaming lights of the hillside houses in the night and its reflection in the lake will give you captivating experience. The multi-cuisine restaurant of Naini Retreat serving a variety of Indian, Mughlai and Chinese. The best part about it all is that the accommodation is quite affordable, when compared with alternatives, considering that much is taken care of when you stay there.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Exploring the Wildlife of Jim Corbett National Park

Many of us keep searching for a visit to paradise, but indeed very few of us are able to discover the perfect place. You should simply change your point of view of looking at forests. With long trees rubbing elbows against one another, flowing streams, a variety of plants and splendid inhabitants that is holding up to be explored by individuals who can welcome this creation of God.

Uttarakhand is an eminent tourist place that attracts and nature enthusiasts and lovers all around the corners of India. Jim Corbett National Park is located in the mid of a thick forest, this astonishing abode of nature stands witness to the rich, and the precious wildlife of India. The Jim Corbett National Park India is the perfect habitat for the tiger, elephant and many other species.

India has a number of national parks, yet Corbett National Park has a walk with deliberation over them by introducing vistas that are outside to different parts of India. In spite of the fact that Jim Corbett park is a significant contributor to wildlife tourism in India, the national park additionally pulls adventure fanatics by advancing opportunities to indulge in river crossing, fishing, and bridge slithering.

Whether you are going for visiting wildlife or savoring adventure, you don't have to stress about accommodation. The Riverview Retreat is one of the best accommodation place in the Corbet National Park. All cottages of the Riverview Retreat are elegantly decorated and fitted with ultra modern amenities. Besides lodging, Riverview Retreat provides transportation and communication to make your sojourn into the wild an unforgettable experience.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Visit Ramgarh and Stay at The Finest of Hotels

Nature has its own wonderful ways of reassuring us and of soothing our ruffled senses and of instilling in us a sense of belonging. Howsoever far away we might move from nature and howsoever hard we  might try to undermine the importance of nature in our lives the fact is that in due course of time we would feel compelled to retreat back into its warm and loving embrace. The life that we have created for ourselves is very much hollow and devoid of any thing that can be considered important in the real sense of the term. The human's quest for materialistic things in life has pushed him further away from nature and the result is the unending troubles and natural calamities that we have to face quite frequently. The solution to all the internal and external problems of human beings is going back to the beginning. This means moving back into the arms of nature and giving it the due respect. The places like Ramgarh in Uttarakhand in India are some of the places where the nature is at its benign best. A visit to the place would in every sense of the term make you realize how important it was for you to recline back in the arms of nature.

Ramgarh lies in the green creases of the lower Kumaon hills that to be precise lie in the western-central Himalayan region. It is a place that has attracted some of the most prominent writers and thinkers of the world. It is a place that instills a feeling of belongingness in the hearts of the visitors and helps them identify the eternal relationship between human and nature.

The various Ramgarh hotels simply add to the mesmerizing beauty of the place and help the tourists spend some of the most memorable moments of their lives here. The Himalayan View Retreat is one hotel that stands tall among all the hotels in the region. It offers the tourists a splendid combination of luxury and natural surroundings.   

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Spend Some Quality Time of Your Life at Haridwar

Since thousands of years human being has been trying to understand the true meaning of life. In his quest to know the absolute truth human being has churned out reams and reams of scriptures that are considered to be sacred and pious. The places where these ancient seekers, sages and seers meditated and got the answers revealed to them are also considered to be sacred and spiritually evolved places. One such place is Haridwar that has been the point of confluence of spiritually evolved minds since eons. Haridwar is said to be the place where the Gods left their footprints. It is a place that is sacred to Hindus and millions of devotees from India and abroad come here every year to perform the religious Poojas.

Haridwar is located in the Uttarakhand state of India and is the gateway to the four pilgrimages of Uttarakhand. It is also the starting point of the journey to the sacred sources of the river Ganga and Yamuna. One of the major attractions of the place is the Aarti at the Har Ki Pauri that captivates the beholder with hundreds of burning wick lamps floating down the river Ganga. In fact the town has been distinguished for centuries in the Indian society. A mere visit to the place would fill you with peace and tranquility that is associated with sages and meditation.

There are some magnificent hotels in Haridwar that can help you relax and recline in total luxury and comfort. You can find hotels in Haridwar with private ghat or the Ganga facing hotels in Haridwar that can help you spend some quality time at the place.