Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Enjoy River Rafting in Rishikesh and See Your Life Changing For The Better

Since the ancient times Rishikesh has been considered as the holiest of places in India. But the passage of time has also seen it evolving into a place where you can enjoy some of the most enthralling adventure sports that can ever be thought of. One such sport is that of river rafting. This adventure sport would provide you with an unending thrill in the untamed waters of the Ganges. The river rafting in Rishikesh can be the life changing event in your life. The great rapids, the serene forests and the surrounding wildlife make this adventure one of the most momentous adventures in the entire region.

river rafting in rishikesh
The best thing is that you do not have to be a swimmer in order to enjoy rafting. If you gear up properly for the event then nothing can stop you from having the maximum fun while rafting. There are certain things that you must not be doing while doing white water rafting here in Rishikesh. Life after this rafting experience would not be the same again for you. It would change for all times to come. The experience would definitely leave an indelible mark on you and would change your life for the better.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stay in an Excellent Corbett Hotel This Holiday

The Corbett National Park represents one of the finest biodiversity parks in India. It has diverse terrain that includes marshland, wide pasture land and deep wooded areas. In this beautiful terrain one can see herbivores and carnivores, birds, reptiles and fish of a bewildering variety. To be able to enjoy this beautiful park there are several attractive and luxurious hotels in Corbett. Three of these are The Riverview Retreat, The Corbett Hideaway and The Hideaway River Lodge.

hotels in Corbett
While each of these hotels in Corbett is typical and unique, there are some strengths that are shared by each of them. Each hotel therefore has very high standards of hospitality in terms of rooms and suites as well as the quality of cuisines served. Secondly each hotel in Corbett has a support system to ensure that you get all the help you need towards organizing a safari inside the park. Each hotel will therefore extend help and one can avail of the 4x4 safari, the elephant safari and the horse safari besides visitor-specific safaris that include the birding safari and the angling safari.

Your trip to Corbett will be as memorable as the standard of the hotel in Corbett you select. It is therefore most important that you pick the right one. This is the best time for you to plan a wonderful vacation in Corbett where one can enjoy the fauna that includes the reclusive tiger besides the leopard and the fishing cat. The other mammals include elephants, antelopes such as the Nilgai besides different types of deer like the spotted deer, sambar, the barking deer and the hog deer. There are fish and birds and different kinds of reptiles like the Indian crocodiles. Take advantage of the fact that all the three hotels mentioned have attractive special offers for their guests this season.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Make Your Kedarnath Yatra in Comfort

In India devout Hindus have been going on pilgrimages over more than a thousand years. There are several places of pilgrimage that are of significance in India. Among these there are four especially important places and these are known as Char Dham or literally four places of pilgrimage. These places are Gangotri, the place of origin of the River Ganges, Yamunotri, the place of origin of the River Yamuna, Badrinath, the abode of Lord Vishnu and Kedarnath, the earthly abode of Lord Shiva.
Kedarnath Yatra is considered to be one of the most important among all the pilgrimages in India for devoted Hindus. However, till 2003 all pilgrimages especially to the north in Uttarakhand area of India have been very tough and arduous. In 2003 the Leisure Hotels Group stepped in and set up several camps or hotels near all the four dhams. The group thereby also set up one of the best hotels in (near) Kedarnath as well.

best hotels in Kedarnath
Kedarnath Yatra takes the pilgrims to a height of around 3,500 meters. Set in the beautiful Mandakini Valley the majestic Kedarnath Temple stands on a glacial terrace that was once a glacier that has melted long ago. To make the trip to Kedarnath more comfortable one can stay in one of the Chardham Camps located in Guptkashi for this purpose.

The accommodation available here is better than what one can get in any of the hotels in Kedarnath or its nearby areas. You will stay in all-weather luxury cottage camps with thatched roofs. You will have the luxury of attached baths and toilets with hot and cold water. Excellent multi-cuisine dining facilities are available where you will be served hot and wholesome vegetarian meals. Other services include hot water bottles at sundown and full assistance for the shrine visit including the arrangement of pony and palanquin.