Sunday, 29 June 2014

Stay in Absolute Comfort at the Chardham Hotels

The Char Dhams, or four pilgrimages, are very important for the devout Hindus. These four places of pilgrimage are at Gangotri at the place where the sacred River Ganges starts her journey, Yamunotri at the starting point of the River Yamuna, Badrinath, the temporal abode of Lord Vishnu and Kedarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva.
Previously, the conditions of stay were very tough for the pilgrims. Today, thanks to the improved roads and the Char Dham hotels, one can stay in comfort while being on the Chardham pilgrimage. The Chardham hotels have been created keeping the comfort of the pilgrims in mind.

char dham hotels
However, bearing in mind the ecological conditions that are imperative in such fragile areas, no attempt has been spared and luxury tents have been provided for accommodation. These luxury tents are better in terms of accommodation compared to any other place one may decide to stay while on pilgrimage.

The accommodation at the Char Dham hotels provides a warm and comfortable environment for the tired pilgrim. These are all weather tents with attached baths and toilets with running hot & cold water. Excellent food is served daily at these fine hotels by way of wholesome meals in regional cuisines that include a range of flavors.

Hot water bottles are made available to the pilgrims to keep them warm. Umbrellas are provided for those heading for Kedarnath and all assistance is made available for shrine visit besides arrangements for either the pony or the palanquin. Pilgrims can avail all of these facilities to keep themselves at optimum comfort.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Stay at an Excellent Corbett Resort to Fully Enjoy the Wonderful World of Corbett

The Jim Corbett National Park is one of the finest biodiversity parks in India. Here you will find some of the most unique flora and fauna not found elsewhere. The main flora in the park consists of beautiful trees that include the Sal and Khair besides rohini, khingan and pula.

There are mammals such as the elusive tiger and herbivores in hundreds such as the different species of deer. The sky is full of birds and the rivers teeming with fish. There are reptiles too and two forms of the Indian crocodile like the mugger and gharial. The best way to see this amazing beauty of nature is by staying at one of the popular Jim Corbett National Park resorts.

jim corbett national park resorts

There are three outstanding Jim Corbett National Park resorts. These are The Riverview Retreat, The Hideaway River Lodge and the Corbett Hideaway. The best part about these fine resorts is that the courteous staff is experienced in catering for your basic purpose of the stay, which is to enjoy the magical quality of the Biodiversity Park. From them, you will get all the necessary assistance for making arrangements for the safari.

There are different forms of safari available here like the elephant safari, the 4x4 safari, the horse safari and two special safaris, the bird watching safari & angling safari. All necessary arrangements will be made when you stay at one of these amazing Jim Corbett National Park resorts. You can enjoy the hospitality of these exquisite resorts with their high standards in hospitality, accommodation and cuisine by making an advance booking.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Stay at One of the Best Corbett Hotels to Have a Wonderful Holiday

There are several hotels in Corbett that you will find quite impressive. These are The Riverview Retreat, the Hideaway River Lodge and the Corbett Hideaway. There are some typical features with these individual hotels and some features that are common as well. The common features are the excellent standards of hospitality in all of these hotels.

hotels in corbett

The Corbett National Park is well known for its flora and fauna. A vacation in one of the Corbett hotels means that you will be able to enjoy the entire package. The area consists of the beautiful Ramganga River and the ridged valley through which it flows. Here you will find clusters of Sheesham trees and pastureland of long grasses as well as islands formed by the snaking river. There are hundreds of mammals, some carnivores such as the tiger and leopard and others herbivores such as the sloth bear and different species of deer.

In the river, there are fish as beautiful as the famous Mahaseer and different species of the Indian crocodile too like the gharial and mugger. There are more than 500 different species of birds, both migratory and residents as well as dangerous reptiles that include the dreaded King Cobra. When you spend a vacation in one of the hotels in Corbett, you will get full support so that you and your family can go on a safari and see the wildlife for which you have come. So, just make a booking in one of these Corbett hotels to make the most out of your trip to the beautiful Corbett National Park.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Check into Camp 5 Elements for a Refreshing Holiday

The Camp 5 Elements is the epitome of excitement and adventure. The camp is set in Rishikesh near the Ganges and has been set up for providing adventure sports such as river rafting in the Ganges, rock climbing & rappelling, abseiling and kayaking for all lovers of adventure and excitement. The accommodation at The Camp 5 Elements is in deluxe tents that have attached bath with running hot and cold showers. The size of the living area is 10x12ft with a twin bed and quality mattresses. The bath areas are 12x5ft and each has wash basin, mirror and hand-held shower. As directed by forest camping regulations the toilets are of the clean dry-sanitation variety. These toilets are kept sanitized by lime powder. The accommodation tents are all weather proof and have roll up windows for good ventilation.

Camp 5 Elements
The Camp 5 Elements provides modern amenities under environmental norms. The facilities and services are all oriented towards ensuring that your rafting and Rishikesh adventure trip is pleasurable. At the Camp 5 Elements the trained chefs offer excellent menus in cuisines such as Indian and Chinese or Continental. One can enjoy barbecues and tandoori food while sitting at the riverside around a warm bonfire with music playing in the background.

While the days will be spent in white water rafting down the Ganges, the evenings will find you around the bonfire playing camp-fire games such as Levitation, Knots or Boston Lap or shaking a leg to the beat of some rocking music. The real strength of the camp organized by the Leisure Hotels group lies in professionalism whether it is in the accommodation or food or in the adventure sports activity for which you have come. It is this professionalism that you will admire during and long after the vacation is over.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Stay in Luxury in Excellent Corbett Hotel For a Grand Vacation

Life in Corbett Park is simply amazing. To be able to take full advantage of viewing such a spectacular biosphere one must stay in one of the exotic hotels in Corbett. These are The Corbett Hideaway, the River View Resort and the Hideaway River Lodge. Each of these hotels is comfort redefined. There are some great commonalities among all these beautiful resorts. For instance each hotel in Corbett has some fine standards in hospitality. This includes plush living conditions of course but much more in terms of dining standards that are fit for the king of gourmets.

hotels in corbett

The other strength in the hotels lies in the service these resorts extend towards their guests. This service concerns the basic purpose for which the guests have checked in, that of organizing various safaris. Irrespective of the kind of safari you wish to avail of, the hotel will make the necessary arrangements. These types of safari include the elephant safari and the 4x4 safari and if needed, the horse safari as well. Further, for bird lovers there are special safaris as there are angling safaris for those that are avid anglers.

Each of these spectacular hotels in Corbett also has special offers. These offers are most impressive and serve to make your trip more enjoyable. This is therefore the best time to visit Corbett. Typically, the Corbett Hideaway is an awesome hotel in Corbett with its air-conditioned cottages and sloping tiled roofs. These cottages are sub-divided into different categories thereby making it possible for each guest to pick the cottage most suited to his needs. The Riverview Retreat too, similarly, has different kinds of villas to cater for families of different sizes.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Stay at The Riverview Retreat and Enjoy Corbett Park

The wildlife sanctuary known as Corbett represents a biosphere that is unique. It has flora that consists of sal and khair, ber and bel, dhak and semal beside kharpat and bamboo. The fauna on the other hand comprises of mammals such as the carnivores tiger and leopard as well as herbivores that include the nilgai, various species of deer besides the sloth bear, Himalayan Black Bear and monkeys. There are hundreds of species of birds and reptiles that include not only the King Cobra and Russell’s viper but also pythons and the Indian marsh crocodiles, gharial and mugger. To be able to enjoy all this beauty one needs to stay in a good Corbett resort such as The Riverview Retreat.

The Riverview Retreat
The Riverview Retreat is an ideal Corbett resort. It offers excellent accommodation and an environment that merges with its natural surroundings. It boasts of air conditioned cottages with drawing room and a small kitchenette. The setup offered at The Riverview Retreat is ideal for those that wish to do their own cooking if they so desire. To offer esthetic living conditions, the tiled roofs are sloping while inside one can feel the cool stone floors offset by throw rugs and block wood furniture all combining to merge with nature outside. There are exclusive villas that have their own garden as well as the smaller accommodation to suit families of different configurations.

Dining at the Riverview Retreat is an experience in itself. There are different places within the resort where one may dine and these include the multi-cuisine restaurant next to the swimming pool where one may pick from among Mughlai food and Indian, Chinese or Continental dishes. To add to the experience one may try beverages at The Bar located inside Gurney House or the products on offer at Jim’s Grill.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

At Chardham Camp Pilgrimage Becomes Easy and Comfortable

The Hindus from ancient times have travelled far and wide on pilgrimages. These pilgrimages have always been very tough partially due to poor means of communication, partly due to inclement weather conditions and partly also due to a total lack of creature comforts either en route to the places of pilgrimage or the destinations themselves. In 2003 the Leisure Hotels group changed all this with the setting up of the concept of Chardham Camp.

 Chardham Camps
The Char Dham refers to the four especially harsh pilgrimages. These pilgrimages are all in Uttarakhand, the Himalayan region in India. The pilgrimages are to Gangotri, the origin of the River Ganges, Yamunotri, the origin of the River Yamuna, Badrinath, the abode of Lord Vishnu and Kedarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva. Chardham Camps have been set up near each of these four places of pilgrimage. Therefore, there is one each at Joshimath for Badrinath, Guptkashi for Kedarnath, Barkot for Yamunotri and Harsil for Gangotri. The object of these Chardham camps was basically to offer comfortable living conditions to the traveler to cope with the harsh journey.

The accommodation at the Chardham Camp is unique. It is in the form of the Cottage Camp Concept. It consists of spacious all-weather tents with thatched roof. These have attached baths and toilets with running hot and cold water. The food is also unique in that wholesome meals are offered to all guests. This food is basically vegetarian and the type of cuisine served represents the different regions in India. There are amenities on offer too such as hot water bottles at sundown and total assistance for shrine visit besides the facility of ponies and palanquins for the Kedarnath tour.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Enjoying Char Dham Yatra in Full Comfort Now Possible

The Hindus have been famous for their pilgrimages from time immemorial. Even in modern India, avid Hindus go on some of the most treacherous pilgrimages known to man. There are four especially tough pilgrimages known as Char Dham that are very popular with the devoted Hindus. These four places are Gangotri, the origin of the Ganges, Yamunotri, the origin of the Yamuna, Badrinath, the abode of Vishnu and Kedarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva. The Char Dham Yatra or tour used to be the toughest pilgrimages till the other day on account of not only poor roads but also a lack of decent places to stay near the temples.
chardham yatra tours
Today, the Char Dham tour is just another journey, thanks to the Chardham Camps that have been set up near each of the Char Dhams. Therefore, there is the a camp at Joshimath near Badrinath, at Guptkashi near Kedarnath, at Barkot near Yamunotri and at Harsil near Gangotri. All these camps offer a great deal of comfort in places known for their inhospitable terrain and adverse climate conditions. These comforts and good living condition have actually made the Char Dham Yatra easy for the pilgrims.

The Char Dham Camps set up for the Char Dham tour and its pilgrims offer a standard of living that is in keeping with the sensitive conditions of the area. The accommodation is however superior to that of any hotel in Chardham. It consists of tented accommodation with attached baths and toilets having running hot and cold water. Multi-cuisine dining facilities serve excellent vegetarian food from different regions in India. There are other amenities too such as assistance for shrine visit and hot water bottles at sundown.

Monday, 2 June 2014

For an Unforgettable Holiday in Nainital

If one wishes to enjoy a fine holiday in India, one of the best contenders must surely be a holiday spent at The Naini Retreat in Nainital. This is a heritage hotel built by the Maharaja of Pilibhit during his time when he used it as his residence. The natural charms of this building fit for kings have been retained. What has been added is the finest set of modern amenities that money can buy.

The Naini Retreat

Today when you walk into Naini Retreat you feel a sense of awe at the opulence and luxury that seems to overpower one. It has been renovated recently and today its bedrooms are impressive and tasteful while the dining room that overlooks the valley is intimate. There is lush landscape all around while a spectacular conference hall does not somehow detract from the beauty of the Himalayas that one gets to enjoy from all parts of this grand resort.

One can never quite forget a weekend spent at The Naini Retreat. Some will remember the resort for its rooms and suites that have been redefined with the grandeur of a new age and hospitality. There are rooms and suites with views of the garden or the Nainital valley, each of these views being in competition with the other. The ambience is enchanting while the service is a perfect treat and personalized.

All will surely love the dining experience while at the Naini Retreat. This is an experience one simply cannot get enough of. The dining and entertainment options at this exotic hotel represent a treasure trove of gourmet delights and consist of cuisines that range among Mughlai, Chinese and Continental palates. However, one thing is for sure. The guests always return.