Monday, 13 October 2014

The Riverview Retreat Would Simply Make Your Stay in Corbett All The More Pleasurable

The Corbett National park is India's first national park. Apart from a wonderful variety of flora and fauna that exist in the park it is also the place where an ancient civilization once existed. If being amidst the greens and that in the most pristine form is on your mind then this national park is the best place to pick. The best thing is that the park has the best hotels such as the Riverview Retreat that can make your stay all the more worthwhile and pleasurable. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the hotel is nothing short of paradise that would simply leave you breathless and speechless with its sheer beauty.

The Riverview Retreat
These exclusive villas are divided into various lodges depending upon the number of rooms that they have. For instance the leopard lodges has two bedrooms, the Tiger Lodge has three bedrooms, and the newly constructed Tusker Lodge has four bedrooms. These lodges are ideal for single, or more than one families visiting the park.

Your stay at the Corbett national park would be made all the more exciting and fun filled by the atmosphere that permeates these lodges. The inviting allure of these lodges would make you forget the rest of the world and coerce you into simply becoming a part of the park. Your experiences here in the park would be made mesmerizing and amazing by the charm of these cottages. Just make your visit to the Corbett National park all the more wondrous, adventurous as well as memorable by staying at the Riverview Retreat Family Villa. You could not possibly have asked for a better accommodation at the Corbett.