Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Visit Nainital and Enjoy The Beauty of The Place By Staying At The Most Well Known Resort

On many occasions in your daily life you have felt like you have just tired yourself and need a break from the usual mundane life that you have been living. It is on these occasions that you think about visiting a place that would rejuvenate you and replenish your lost energies. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is on these moments of tiredness and ennui that you think about visiting a place which would be enchanting and beautiful beyond words. A place where nature is still at its pristine best and life is not what you are used to. Life at such a place has a different meaning and a different tenor. One such place is the emerald green eye of Kumaon better known as the Nainital. Nainital is also known as a lake district because of a string of closely located lakes Bhimtal, Sat Tal, Naukuchiya tal and the Naini Lake. It is one of the most beautiful of places in India.

Accommodation in Nainital The hospitality industry in Nainital is very much active as well as progressive. For the people visiting this tourist hotspot, finding an accommodation in Nainital is not at all difficult. Leisure Hotels which is one of the most well known hospitality groups in the region as well as in the entire nation owns The Naini Retreat which is by far the best places to stay while visiting Nainital. Historically this place is referred to as the residence of the Maharajah of Pilibhit. It is one of the prestigious heritage hotels in Nainital. The building combines in it the old world charm and the luxuries of the modern world. 

Some of the high-points of the hotel are the tastefully done bedrooms, an intimate dining room overlooking the valley, lush landscapes, a huge conference hall and a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. All these features of the hotel makes it one of the most worthwhile place to stay at while visiting Nainital.

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