Friday, 20 March 2015

Enjoy Your Stay At The Most Celebrated Resort in Ramgarh

If you are a nature lover and planning to visit Ramgarh this year, then it will be a wise decision to book your hotel in Ramgarh in advance because sometimes finding the right hotel that best fits in your budget is not easy. Throughout the year many visitors come here, so may be you are not able to book the one hotel, where actually you want to stay, because the rooms might not be available by the time you reach there. There are countless hotels, but when you want to stay in one of the best hotels in Ramgarh then the best choice for you will be The Himalayan View Retreat. 

The valley facing hotel, The Himalayan View Retreat in Ramgarh India offers best amenities to their visitors. This hotel has four ultramodern well decorated rooms and suites and offer you splendid comfort. These all the room are spacious and along with separate toilet and bath and have the facility of round a clock running hot and cold water. They also serves variety of tastes like: Indian, Chinese and Mughlai and a cuisine fit for a gourmet.
Some Overview of Ramgarh
Ramgarh is situated in the northeastern parts of Uttarakhand in India. It is also called as the fruit bowl of Kumaon, a mountainous state of the country. Ramgarh has attracted many writers and thinkers who wrote some of his major works here. It is a place where Mr. Aurobindo and Narain Swami established ashrams. While famous poet Mahadevi Verma also made her home here as well. Here various historical structure and temples are situated which you can visit during your staying period at Ramgarh. Chhatris is one of the beautiful structure that was built in 1872. The dome of this structures are full of the great paintings of the Ramayana, the life of Krishna and Ragamala. Some famous temples are also there which are the center of attraction of the visitors. These temples are: The Ganga Temple, The Hanuman Temple, The Red Well Temple and many more.

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