Thursday, 30 July 2015

Visiting Corbett in Monsoon is the Amazing Experience to touch with the Natural Beauty of The Park

Jim Corbett national park India is definitely a great holiday destination of India. The place is good for family vacation as well as  spend some good times with your friends. There is also a splendid resort for staying purpose like, The River View Retreat.

Point of interest of visiting Corbett amid the Monsoon

One awesome advantage of visiting the Corbett amid the monsoon is that you don't need to confront the rush which is regularly seen during the peak seasons. As such you are ensured of an undisturbed visit among the serene forests of the Corbett and its wildlife. With diminishing travelers comes another advantage, that of tour organiser offering one alluring package also.

safari visits which are in extraordinary interest among the tourists; you can appreciate this exciting activity in the Jhirna zone and the buffer regions where access is allowed. Even in the season of Monsoon you can enjoy jeep and elephant safaris. While you are enjoying safari, it is required that you are with your tour guide, as he aware the park inside out, he seldom puts a foot wrong and you generally end up being at the correct spot at the ideal time; essentially you get the opportunity to see the variety of creatures ranging from the rarest to the commonest.

The monsoon gives the beautiful look of the park

As the Monsoon continues, the trees of the park start to take a new look, shedding their worn out ones, while the undergrowth turns lavish green and there is a wealth of sustenance for the herbivores of the park. Jim Corbett park during monsoon season has another impact, that on the ponds and lakes of the park, which now are full to the overflow. Creatures no more thirsty and they are at their energetic best, swimming and showing their acrobatic aptitudes in the water.

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