Monday, 16 June 2014

Stay in Luxury in Excellent Corbett Hotel For a Grand Vacation

Life in Corbett Park is simply amazing. To be able to take full advantage of viewing such a spectacular biosphere one must stay in one of the exotic hotels in Corbett. These are The Corbett Hideaway, the River View Resort and the Hideaway River Lodge. Each of these hotels is comfort redefined. There are some great commonalities among all these beautiful resorts. For instance each hotel in Corbett has some fine standards in hospitality. This includes plush living conditions of course but much more in terms of dining standards that are fit for the king of gourmets.

hotels in corbett

The other strength in the hotels lies in the service these resorts extend towards their guests. This service concerns the basic purpose for which the guests have checked in, that of organizing various safaris. Irrespective of the kind of safari you wish to avail of, the hotel will make the necessary arrangements. These types of safari include the elephant safari and the 4x4 safari and if needed, the horse safari as well. Further, for bird lovers there are special safaris as there are angling safaris for those that are avid anglers.

Each of these spectacular hotels in Corbett also has special offers. These offers are most impressive and serve to make your trip more enjoyable. This is therefore the best time to visit Corbett. Typically, the Corbett Hideaway is an awesome hotel in Corbett with its air-conditioned cottages and sloping tiled roofs. These cottages are sub-divided into different categories thereby making it possible for each guest to pick the cottage most suited to his needs. The Riverview Retreat too, similarly, has different kinds of villas to cater for families of different sizes.

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