Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Stay at The Riverview Retreat and Enjoy Corbett Park

The wildlife sanctuary known as Corbett represents a biosphere that is unique. It has flora that consists of sal and khair, ber and bel, dhak and semal beside kharpat and bamboo. The fauna on the other hand comprises of mammals such as the carnivores tiger and leopard as well as herbivores that include the nilgai, various species of deer besides the sloth bear, Himalayan Black Bear and monkeys. There are hundreds of species of birds and reptiles that include not only the King Cobra and Russell’s viper but also pythons and the Indian marsh crocodiles, gharial and mugger. To be able to enjoy all this beauty one needs to stay in a good Corbett resort such as The Riverview Retreat.

The Riverview Retreat
The Riverview Retreat is an ideal Corbett resort. It offers excellent accommodation and an environment that merges with its natural surroundings. It boasts of air conditioned cottages with drawing room and a small kitchenette. The setup offered at The Riverview Retreat is ideal for those that wish to do their own cooking if they so desire. To offer esthetic living conditions, the tiled roofs are sloping while inside one can feel the cool stone floors offset by throw rugs and block wood furniture all combining to merge with nature outside. There are exclusive villas that have their own garden as well as the smaller accommodation to suit families of different configurations.

Dining at the Riverview Retreat is an experience in itself. There are different places within the resort where one may dine and these include the multi-cuisine restaurant next to the swimming pool where one may pick from among Mughlai food and Indian, Chinese or Continental dishes. To add to the experience one may try beverages at The Bar located inside Gurney House or the products on offer at Jim’s Grill.

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