Sunday, 16 November 2014

Experience The True Wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park By Staying at Hideaway River Lodge

corbett hideaway river lodge
The Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most well-known and the most well preserved national parks of India. It has a long history and has a lot to offer to the people who come visiting the place. The exquisite flora and fauna that one can see here is just amazing. The best thing is that the hospitality industry in the region understands the potential of the region and has taken some sincere steps to make sure that the park retains its pristine tenor while at the same time attracting the visitors from all across the globe. The Leisure Group of Hotels which is one of the most popular hospitality groups in the nation and also in the region offers the luxury and comfort of the Hideaway River Lodge which is a unique lodge in the park.

The Lodge is located on the periphery of the park and offers an experience of living in the wilderness which is simply unique. Some of the high points of staying at this hotel are:
  • A spot on wildlife understanding that is far different from the normal experience of wildlife.
  • Experience of animal tracking (Includes pug-mark casting, padding and modern day camera trapping).
  • Opportunity to stay in a remote area in the periphery of the National Park next to the gurgling Ramganga river.
  • Walk in the wild and an experience to fear the unknown.
  • Opportunity to sit on a machan for wildlife observation.
  • Meals with jungle themes.
  • Bird watching.
The stay at this hotel would simply introduce you to a life that is absolutely different than what you are used to. The local traditions, the local customs and the manner in which the humans and the other flora and fauna of the park coexist would leave you an impressed being. No doubt the entire experience would simply have an indelible impression on your overall being.

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