Sunday, 9 November 2014

Skiing at Auli is an Adventure That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Skiing is a sport that has enthralled millions of people across the globe. If you are in search of an adventure that takes you to the most beautiful of locations in the world then skiing is the sport for you and Auli is the location that would provide you with most scenic of locales and the most thrilling of skiing adventures in the whole world. The hospitality industry in Auli has taken it upon themselves to make sure that the ardent skiers do not miss out on the fun and adventure of skiing on the pristine slopes of Auli. One of the leading hospitality groups Leisure hotels has launched skiing at Auli from the base camp equipped with luxury cottages at Joshimath and an exciting white water rafting trip on the way back.

skiing at Auli
Mother nature couldn't possibly have been more benign. Crystal clear blue skies with the temperature hovering at just about 15 degrees Fahrenheit with knee deep powder snow would make your day an experience of the lifetime. Only a day in paradise can beat the time spent skiing at Auli. At Joshimath you would be able to explore the hill beauty of Auli and ski down from the top of the mountain through glades of conifers and gloves of aspens blanketed with untracked powder. The snow sparkling like the diamonds in the sun has water content lesser than 10 percent. The snow here is light and can be compared to the champagne powder. To put it differently, the snow would not stick together yet would have enough body to offer resistance while at the same time being light enough to splash across your face while you are skiing through a wind drifted pillow or more deeply loaded slope aspect.

You experience of skiing at Auli would be a life changing experience. You would definitely leave the slopes of Auli a changed person and would continue to cherish the wonderful memories gleaned from this splendid place.

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